Previously located at Woodroffe and Carling (Woodroffe Temple Corps) for over 40 years, and before that on Parkdale Avenue (Parkdale Citadel Corps) from 1952-1969, in May 2009, The Salvation Army was so excited to move into the south-Ottawa community of Barrhaven. In this dynamic and growing community, we had been called to a community-based ministry with the young, the seniors, and everyone in between.

We purchased a property for a new building, located at 102 Bill Leathem Drive (situated on the east side of Barrhaven, off of Leiken Drive), and we are so excited to finally say that construction has started! Phase one is due to be completed by spring 2023. We will then be able to move into our new building and begin worshipping and ministering from our new location as we make plans to continue construction (phases 2 and 3). We continue to move forward with our Catch the Vision campaign to raise the final funds required to complete the project.

We continue to be so blessed by the privilege of worshipping at St. Andrew Catholic School. The principal and staff have been wonderfully welcoming and it is a pleasure to walk into the building on Sunday and see evidence of our Christian faith everywhere. There is plenty of space for our Sunday morning worship service, Sunday school, and a nursery. And, of course, we use the kitchen to prepare for our fellowship time after our morning worship service.

Our small Ministry Centre, located on the west side of Barrhaven, accommodates our musical practices, Bible studies, and community services, as well as some of our other special events.

However, we have not finished with our vision. Comfortable as we are in these buildings, we know that we need our own space all week long in order to offer coordinated ministries, programs and services in the community.

In spite of a tough economic environment, our people have stepped out in faith and made pledges that reflect their commitment to doing our share of God’s work in this community.

The Ministry Centre we rent on Jockvale Road (near Cedarview Drive) functions as office space for our Corps Officers/Pastors and Administrative team and is also the hub of activity for our community-based programs and services. There is enough meeting space and a kitchenette for some of our Bible studies and other groups, and is a perfect location to continue reaching out to the surrounding community, especially with programs for both youth and seniors.

We are more than just managing while waiting for our building. We are growing in numbers and in spirit as we anticipate God’s fruitfulness in the coming days.

History of The Salvation Army (Barrhaven/Woodroffe/Parkdale)

Divisional Commander Brigadier Rawling officially opened the Corps (church) on April 15, 1915. The Corps started as the Wellington Street Corps although people sometimes referred to it as the Ottawa Number 3 Corps. The first building purchased and used for worship was an old movie theater known as the “Nickel Theater”, located at 127 Stirling Avenue just off Wellington Street.

The Corps first officers were Captain Pace and Lieutenant Kitt. Lieutenant Kitt left soon after the Corps opened. Lieutenant Ransuff came to assist Captain Pace. Although many people became friends of the Army, some people remained hostile to it and as a result set fire to the old theater. While the repairs to the building took place, the Army moved to an old store on Wellington Street.

Services returned to the old theater upon completion of the repairs. Some time later the Army moved the services back to the store on Wellington Street. The Salvation Army then secured another building on Wellington Street, which Divisional Commander Col. W. Bettridge officially dedicated on April 13, 1935.

In 1952, The Salvation Army bought a building on Parkdale Avenue and Chief Secretary Colonel Harewood officially opened the building on February 2, 1952. The Corps then became known as the Parkdale Citadel Corps.

In the spring of 1969, construction commenced on a new building at the corner of Fox Crescent and Woodroffe Avenue. While the construction took place, the Army held morning services at Woodroffe Public School and evening services at Woodroffe United Church. During the summer months, the Army held evening services outdoors at Carlingwood Mall (in front of the old Loblaws store). The cost of the building was $250,000. Territorial Commander Commissioner Wiseman officially opened and dedicated Woodroffe Community Church.

In 1982, plans were underway for the expansion of Woodroffe Community Church. The Corps had received $34,366 for the expansion. While construction took place, the Army held morning services at Woodroffe High School and evening services in the Y.P. Hall in Woodroffe Community Church. In the summer months, the Army held services at Andrew Haydon Park. The expansion added the following areas to the church: the balcony in the sanctuary, a multi-purpose room on the first and second floors, a small lounge (later dedicated in memory of Shona Scott-Douglas), small kitchen, washrooms, and YPSM Office (Youth Pastor). Lt. Col. and Mrs. Edwin Brown officially re-opened and dedicated the renovated church on October 15, 1983.

The Salvation Army made further changes to the church in 1988. These changes included: the expansion of the Corps Office to include the Secretary’s Office, a separate office for the second officer, the relocation of the Jennifer Clark Memorial Library to the first floor, a nursery, reconstruction of the Mercy Seat and pulpit area.

A decision to relocate/plant a new church in 2009 to Barrhaven was made wanting the church to move to a fast and growing community and bring our vision to Win Souls, Grow Saints and Serve Suffering Humanity. We look to the future as we anticipate continuing to minister to the community of Barrhaven using the resources a new building will provide.