Let’s Join our Hearts in Prayer for Ukraine

Kath Stewart recently reflected upon her experience during World War 2. 

England had seven National Days of Prayer. Some were called by the King (George the VI), and some by Mr. Churchill and Parliament. Crowds lined up to go to the churches. After each of these days of prayer, major victories were secured in the war. “I strongly believe that although times change, God never changes and He hears our prayers.”

As we come to Holy Week this year, we are so mindful of the suffering of the people of Ukraine. So, let’s join our hearts in intentional prayer.

Father God, King of all Nations, we cry out to you, now for the people of Ukraine. We ask you to rescue those who are vulnerable from the hands of their enemies, that they may live without fear before you all their days. [Luke1:74-75]

You, Lord, make wars cease to the end of the earth; you break bows, shatter spears, and burn shields with fire [Psalm 46:9] and so, we ask you now, to save the lives of many people in Ukraine. Make a peace that is strong and not weak. De-escalate this crisis. We hear of wars and rumors of wars [Matthew 24:6]. But you, Lord, are our rock, our fortress and our deliverer. Our hope is in You. And so, we address the nations now. In the name of Jesus we say: “Be Still and know God! He is exalted among the nations; He shall be exalted in the earth.” [Psalm 46:10]

Kyrie eleison – Lord have mercy.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace.

(Pete Greig & 24-7 Prayer)